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fat panic

Carol  ·  Mar. 1, 2008

so mo goes to see her favorite sissy and freaks out cuz sissy is fat and apparently she wasn't fat last week. and then she touches sissy's new fat handles and freaks out and says "hey! this is not fat!" so we all converge on that poor little tiny fat dog and start group probing her fat. and group anything including hysteria is the very best cuz you are never alone. so i call the vet and suck nicole into taking her in and mo buggers off for a coffee.

and nicole gets to stand in front of our vet trying to look somewhat intelligent and not stupid while colleen exams a fat little chi and confirms that yes she is fat.

now you would think that i would recognise a fat little dog, except i don't remember when sissy got fat. it looked like she got fat between yesterday and today...but then i have to has become a bit of a maybe she was fat last week or the week before and we just didn't notice it til today.

anyway it wasn't a totally wasted trip cuz nicole picked up a cheeseburger for raymond.



hah not likely! do you know how many times as a child my "chubby" cheek was pinched by busy body parishioners smelling of lavender?! shudder.
i don't care that sissy is fat, i am fat and have enjoyed every single ounce.i just think it is funny that we loved her so much and were so worried that she had a deadly water balloon disease.
and...i think vets like animals too thin. there is no extra for when they get sick...always let animals have a reserve.
darla was the "perfect" weight...she ate til she puked when she first arrived. now she has a bit extra and she eats when she is hungry. she does not worry about food anymore. it is there when she needs it.


If any of you start telling parents of two-legged kids that their little darlings are looking kind of "fluffy", you had better duck.

Most people who have above average animals couldn't care less about anyone's opinion regarding weight except if the opinion is that of a Vet.


Poor Sissy , how embarassing. Just tell then your not fat just "big boned".


she is that fat, she looked like a flea that had just eaten with her tiny pin head.


i thought the whole thing was great on so many different levels.
and she can still have treats, she is not that fat.


I swear to dog, that in my mind, there is no way that little dog could get that fat so quick.. and then on my drive home , I started to think that ever since the MP room was done .. I don't spend as much time with the inside guys... that made me feel sad . Note to self " be sure to visit & spend time with everyone " Sorry I made a fuss, Sissy I suspect treats may be fewer & farther between..which is probably a good thing : - )


I'm pretty sure that anything could have been happening to Raymond, and as long as he had a cheeseburger in front of him, he would be completely unaware ANYTHING was going on.
Proud to announce Copper also had his way with an empty box of timbits, after eating most of them.

Eva Stock

Hi guys ;

I am glad for Sissy as she used to let Buddy bully her into not getting much of the treats or soft food but now she is standing up for herself, that is why she is fat. Bye for now Eva.


no sissy and i discussed on the ride home that she needs to go on a diet, so instead she got to cover me and my car in chihuahua dandruff.
please remind me to bath them next saturday.


i notice the fat dog didn't get a burger and she was the one who got stuck going to the vet.


carley got a cheeseburger aswell and she was very sweet as she ate it bite by bite like a human, unfortunately my camera was inside.


Nudge would like to welcome Sissy to the fat club! Nudge is proud to be a big girl and have a girth bigger than some dogs!