Rescue Journal

do you know why it is a good idea to read the saints blog?

Carol  ·  Mar. 2, 2008

because i will teach you stuff that no one else will. and why won't they teach you some of the stuff that i will? because they have filters and i don't, i will tell you just about anything.

there are general principles in infection control and treatments.

and here i am going to teach you how general principles work.

remember when we discovered that cleo was absolutely covered in a very contagious ringworm fungus and had been for several long weeks? and that could have been disasterous here with all the frail elderly and immuno compromised animals. but in the end cleo got better and no one, human or animal (except rocky and he has had an ongoing issue with this in the past) contracted ringworm. we briefly thought cody had but it was a bacterial skin infection secondary to her hypothyroidism.

so this in itself, is quite a mean feat...we are talking 40 other frail animals in daily contact plus their human caregivers too.

taking the principle of dealing with fungus infections, one step further...all of us have dealt with other types of fungal infections in animals nail beds and on their skin....same basic principles as ringworm, it is still a fungal infection and hard to treat.

take this one step further to humans who have fungal infections in their toenails, except you won't know that they have them cuz they keep their feet hidden in embarassment.

so here i am going to tell you, how to get rid of that fungal infection that someone you know is hiding inside their sock.

keep the nails trimmed as very short as you can.

wash them twice daily with straight nizorol shampoo and really rub it in good (esp. under the nail)

rinse them well and dry them off and apply an anti-fungal cream like clotrimazole or tinactin after each wash...both are over the counter at the pharmacy.
and that fungus will finally be gone within a few weeks. it might come back a few times, so keep a close eye out and resume the routine if it does. eventually it will become a thing of the past and someones toes can come out of hiding.

now you might not need this info, today or tomorrow either...but you may need it in a year or two or ten so file it away until then. and i am a very nice person who currently does not have fungally infected toes, but i do know the basic principles of treating them, cuz i was once hiding one of my own.