Rescue Journal

hah!! earth shattering news!!!

Carol  ·  Mar. 3, 2008

i just went to top up squirts food and water and have a quick chat with him in his crate. then i headed off to my room to put on my pj's and bathrobe in anticipation of watching a movie with him.

and guess who i caught out in the hallway, sneaking around to see where i had gone? yep! mr busy body wants to know when the nightly movie and pretzels are happening so he thought he just take a peek to see if it was soon.

good dog!


Eva Stock

Awesome Carol, as he is taking the longest time to know where he belongs. So glad for both of you. He is so cute. Goodnight all you wonderful Saints. Eva


yay for squirt. maybe by the time saturday comes around he won't crap his pants when i come see him.