Rescue Journal

SAINTS Live Theatre

Carol  ·  Mar. 4, 2008

Setting the stage:

midnight...Maudie asleep in the laundry area oblivious to the closing of the gate. The characters will speak in human voices so you can actually understand them.
The Gate

2am all is quiet but the watchers are watching.

Suddenly an intruder is detected at the gate to the sleeping areas of the priviledged. Sir Cuddles springs into action, leaping from the bed and sounding the alarm. General Albert Spice joins him and together they hold off the intruder.

"GET BACK YOU BEAST" shouts Sir Cuddles to the frantic and gate climbing husky.

"The Gate is closed, go away" orders the general in a tone that brooks no argument.

"please, please...." begs Maudie, "please let me in, I need to be in there, please open the gate!"

"NO!" they both scream "THE GATE IS CLOSED! YOU CANNOT COME IN!"

Maudie loses her mind, and despite the two mean and unfeeling poodles, she starts to climb the gate.

" Send reinforcements! the bitch is scaling the gate!!!"

Suddenly out of the darkness appears Squirt (who apparently is sometimes brave) and he joins the other two in holding off the intruder.

The battle is fierce, the little trio stand their ground, refusing to give an inch.

Finally Maude sinks to the ground in defeat, still on the wrong side of the gate.

She begins to sob, "oh...will no one help me, will no one let me in???"

And in the darkness, a figure appears in a very ugly bathrobe. The tiny army respectfully gives way, the gate swings open and Maude dashes past to her bed, finally safe at last.

As the silence once again falls and peace reigns again the poodles grumble to themselves..."she woke HER up again, that's why we lost"..."yes, but did you see how brave was the little Squirt?"



What a great read! You make me laugh so many times sitting here at my puter. I could just see all those yappy little guys standing guard ~ what a picture!! Can't wait to see the video of SAINTS. I don't have any of the channels it was supposed to be on so missed it as well.

I sincerely hope you have a better sleep tonight but if that continues, come to our little Centre where I work in North Battleford, we have lots and lots and LOTS of things to get you to sleep and if all else fails we put four point restraints on!!! That works for EVERYBODY! lol

Seriously, loved the blog!

Francesca Wilson

Carole I thought this was hilarious - I could visualize it all so well. Loved Maudie trying to climb over the gate.


i got it, but my computer mouse is fried so i can't try to convert it to anything i can post on the website. I should get a new one tonight and will see what i can do.


I thought the show was airing on March 12 (according to the blog). Do you know if it will repeat on that date, I would sure like to see it.


i caught the last airing at midnight (luckily someone sent me an email cuz i thought it was on next week)
it was great!
dexter shopping, percy camera kissing, ellie being beautiful, tyra trying to drag the host into the pond, ronnie hanging from the ceiling, and copper looking like a demented dog daisy.
i live with the buggers and it made me smile to see them all being themselves.
nicole was going to try to catch it on her computer...any luck?


You don't need to go on vacation to lace your drinks with medication! By the way I think I missed the segment on Shaw TV tonight. Will it be repeated?


lol...sounds boring.

and you forgot that susan thinks i should write a play while i am being medicated into vacation blissful rest.


Summarizing all the previous comments: Your friends are all suggesting you need a nice restful vacation in a place where they give you medication hidden in your drinks to help you sleep.


i may be certifiable but at least i have fun with my insanity...i swear the shit that goes on around here sometimes is freaking hilarious. those poodles crack me up.


Carol, dear, sweet Carol, you do, of course, realize that you are certifiable. Right? Of course right, no sane person could possibly do what you do. :)

Susan from Chicago

I think Carol has a playwright's touch - maybe the blog should be a play instead of a novel?

Loved it!


yes i vote sleep, and a holliday! a holliday where you sleep. what exactly are you putting in your chocolate lately? are you sure it's Baileys? Mo i think you should check the Bailey's stash! :)


... get some sleep.. or whatever it is you are on..share it with the rest of us : - )

Way to go squirt, those babay teps are getting bigger & closer together... soon the fields !!