Rescue Journal

mikey was euth'd last night

Carol  ·  Mar. 6, 2008

he had just done too much damage to himself with that fall yesterday.

to andrea, who i believe did the very best she possibly could by this boy, i am so sorry.

rest in peace mikey.



I wish I could have met him, I'm sorry to hear about Mikey.
Tommy and I are coming to visit soon Carol, hopefully in the coming weeks.

Eva Stock

Strange how you can miss an animal you have never met hey. I really wanted to meet him and I wanted him to have the love of Carol and Mo and Greg. I would like to have rubbed his big face and talked to him about over doing it like his new Mom Carol does. Smile. Enjoy the new pasture Mickey. Eva.


I am so very sorry for the loss of Mikey. How wonderful that everyone in his life was rallying around him to get him well enough to move in to SAINTS. He is pain free know and in the best place of all. God Bless You Mikey.