Rescue Journal

today is pretty much done.

Carol  ·  Mar. 6, 2008

everyone i have talked to connected with saints is sad about the loss of is funny how quickly we can connect to one truly sad story and hope to be part of the happy ending. somethings are not meant to be. my one regret is that i did not make the decision to take him last week. would it have made a difference? who knows.... maybe. maybe is good enough to worry me.

it was a quiet day here today...percy was standing next to jeanette in the sunshine and licking her until he got tired. then he laid next to her in the sunshine and continued licking her. and as far as i know he is still licking her. he loves her that much.

nola had 3 field runs today. she is still a bit anxious and i wouldn't doubt that she would go thru the fence if she stumbled across an opportunity. for now i would prefer she not go out in the fields unless i am with her until she settles and firmly bonds and decides that living with me is worth living with a bunch of others. she had her first was a quick one but it tells me that she is capable of finding the good things here once she relaxes a little. she really is a truly nice dog.

washington has stolen taffy's bed. i gave her a little fleece covered pillow until i can steal one away from someone else.

raymonds cyst pathology came back as a low grade. stage 2 angiosarcoma. good healthy margins on the biopsy so that should be the last we see of that. thank you nicole for bugging me about it, i honestly thought it was no big deal.

taffy goes in for her bloodwork tomorrow, and nola sees the vet to assess her lumpy masses on saturday.

ellie is spending alot of time on her knees again. i just saw her rooting out in the field and she is plowing ahead but down on her knees. i am not happy about this.

the dump run is finished, the new recycling system is set up and ready to go, the feed bins are filled, the cleaning supplies are restocked, the poop and scooping is complete, angelina and rene bathed cole and raymond today and except for barn bed time, meds and laundry, this day is a wrap. good, cuz i am almost done today too.