Rescue Journal

Tally Ho Braveheart

Carol  ·  Mar. 7, 2008

when you share something like saints, the lines disappear. there ceases to be me and mine and the very best parts become all of ours.

mr. softie died today. the girls noticed that he was having trouble breathing and when i checked, his nostrils were completely blocked. i cleaned them out and his breathing got easier but he was feverish and weak and i saw the tumour in there blocking his breathing passage.. i barely got him to walk to the van and by the time we got to the vets, he had to be carried in by stretcher.

yesterday, tally was goofing around in the barn and baying at me on our several field runs. he just about knocked me over when i came home from town. he was his usual total and complete happy doorknob self and today he is dead.

the vet said the tumour probably invaded a blood vessel when it ruptured causing the sepsis. there was a very slim chance with intense hospitalization and iv antibiotics they could pull him thru the infection. but that still left the nasal tumour, and tally was just too old to open up his nasal cavity and subject him to chemo and radiation.

it is not just me who lost her mr. softie, there is not a single other person who knew him that didn't love him as much as i did. we all lost something huge that we will never have again, and oh my god, such an emptiness he leaves here.

rest in peace gentle man and thank you to everyone who made his life so filled with love.



Carol, I am so sorry about Tally.
I will always remember him and his great hugs.


I'm so sorry Carol. He was a wonderful dog and I'm sure he took a part of your heart when he had to leave. Rest in Peace Tally Ho Braveheart, you will be missed

Eva Stock

Tally the dearest dog on earth and now in heaven, I hope you find an orange leather chair to lounge in sweet dog. Whereever you now roam the animals and people will be just as fortunate as we all were to know you. Lots of love to your Mom from Eva and Colton and Brandon. Take care Carol. We will be on hand that is for sure. Eva.


When I visited Saints, Tally noticed me and made me welcome. I was so delighted by his attention. Thank you, Tally. I will miss your voice.


Braveheart, rest easily, your work here is done, although nobody was ready to let you go. You have left a trail of broken hearts, sweet dog.
Watch over your mama from whatever soft place you find to rest your soul. We'll try to help her from here, that's what you would have wanted.
Goodbye good dog, you will truly be missed.


I saw Tally chasing the bunnies in his sleep too yesterday and he looked so content. Im so glad that I got to say goodbye to him today. We are all here for you Carol.

Run free Tally


carol i'm so sorry for your loss. Tally was such a cool and kind dog. I loved seeing tally and playing with his long ears. You were loved by many and will be missed. run free Tally Ho


Now this one really hurts... my heart & hugs to you Carol, he was surely one of the grandest dogs I have ever met & the empty spot he's left behind will take a long time to fill up.. I'm going to miss you Tally Ho Braveheart, my memories of you will be with me forever.


I remember the week you brought him home...I think he was one of the most completely innocent dogs I ever met. I'm so sorry.


Tally had the most wonderful bay when one was distinct and lovely. So sorry but glad you did not suffer Tally. RIP...Mom will miss you so very much.


Tally was your special boy, he always will be. A good sweet gentlest of dogs. Take care of yourself honey, your friends are here for you.


Oh Carol, I am so very very sorry to hear this. Tally was a beautiful, funny, sweet dog and greatly loved at SAINTS.

Yvette~Turtle Gardens

I am so sorry Carol. {{{{{{{hugs}}}}}} to all of you from all of us. Take care of yourself. Tears are not enough. Yvette


I am glad i got to say good bye to you this morning sweet boy. We all loved you. I watched you yesterday dreaming, making the "chasing bunnies" noises with your paws moving. Run free Tally. You will be greatly missed.

I am so sorry Carol. Take care of yourself. All of the saints will help you with that too.