Rescue Journal

carly the barn dog

Carol  ·  Mar. 9, 2008

carly is now my official "putting the barn guys to bed" companion. she eats a bun or two (they are supposed to be a dinner treat for just the pigs and the chickens but apparently according to carly are for red nosed pitbulls too). she carries around the stupid stick that nicole gave her yesterday and charges around in her new high end oprah dog collar (thank you "modern dog") i think it is funny that a picture of oprah's smiling face in a lovely pewter frame is hanging from a leaky senior and homeless pitbull's neck.

thank you nicole for suggesting that carly help us clean the barn yesterday...she can't have that job very often because it belongs to the majority of the cooperative crippled crew...but she can have the bedtime barn time which i never thought of before and she really seems to have fun at that. one more move forward to a better quality of life...we have to keep moving forward and carly is glad that this is a rule.



Carly is not a homeless Red Nose Pit, she is a SAINTED Red Nose Pit who has finally found a soft place to land. Thank you for loving her in her imperfection, the same way she loves all of us.


that makes me so happy, she is a super dog and i love spending time with her out in the fields.