Rescue Journal

i think today sucked slightly.

Carol  ·  Mar. 11, 2008

sooo...we temporarily lost 2 cats. the front door was left open and poof. i checked the house and tigger woods and one of the orange boys were missing. the girls found tang and we got him back in but no sign of the other missing one. i checked the house 3 times just in case, nope, he must have gotten outside. i had a meeting that i was already late for and i was in charge at work today so there was no one except me to hear my pathetic " i am going to be late" story so i had to go. i figured i would set a trap when i got home and hopefully catch him tonight.

anyway...he was in the house, tammy found him so i have no idea where he was holed up when i was looking....reminder to all of us, caution with all gates and doors.
while tammy did find tigger woods, she could not find raymond. she called me at work...ooops. check the barn. i guess i locked him in there in my rush to get back to work. she and eva found him resting in ellie's bed. reminder to me...HEAD COUNT!
all saints animals present and accounted for! whew.

clyde started seizuring as soon as i got home from work. he is finished now and had his bedtime meds early so hopefully no more tonight. i will give him another 1/2 a dose at midnight to hold him til his regular dose tomorrow at noon.

pugsy is home from the vets, she apparently went on a hunger strike in protest there today. but since she is now home, she decided to eat as soon as she got here cuz hunger strikes make one a bit hungry. welcome home sweetie and you can have whatever you want to have tonight.

edith is a demon in a little black coat. her new trick is to torment the dogs thru the fence. like we need those morons yelling their fool heads off because a little bad goat thinks it is amusing to torment stupid dogs. grow up you guys she is playing you!.

carly is not only the official barn buddy for the night time barn guy routine...she also has to taste test the bananas and buns and even the timothy cubes for some reason. her new trick (these guys are all so tricky) is to pick up rocks and look cute on the way back to the house...except i don't want a pile of rocks up by the house, so she should maybe think about not doing that anymore.

and squirt is a little pain in the ass. as soon as it gets quiet here and all relaxed, he starts charging around like a madman getting everyone excited again. apparently this is how damaged squirts like to play, but i would prefer he quietly gut out a stuffy on the floor somewhere and let everyone else just chill out and relax in peace.



you need an offical door closer and tail counter person. All they would do all day is wander from one end of your place to the other closing tails and counting doors, no wait that's not it. Closing doors and counting tails. That way everything would be closed and counted for.

Stan~Turtle Gardens

Gee you city folk sure are a rough bunch. Us Rednecks would never be able relax while a stuffy was quietly being gutted. (((((((((((((((c)))))))))))))))) Stan