Rescue Journal

the art of deflection

Carol  ·  Mar. 11, 2008

or blame it on someone else. pin it on the landlord, or the neighbor, or the kid, or even an act of god. just make it someone else's fault.

to avoid getting caught holding the bag.... toss it into the nearest ditch.

unloading a family pet? become a martyr. cuz geez those co-op rules magically changed the next day.
do something nasty to someone else but do it in the name of right.
lose one you really love? don't start asking yourself too many questions...("how long was that tumour in there? is that where the cellulitis came from last year? how many warnings simply did not register with me")

"i screwed up, i am lazy, i am selfish, i am stupid, i am thoughtless, uncaring or mean, maybe i missed something, ooops i forgot" ....not part of human vocabulary, avoid personal responsibility at all costs.

one more excuse.

one more set of fancy footwork in the deflection dance.

why does it always have to be someone or something else's fault?

we think this makes us better people?
we drag these denials around with us, even if we pretend they aren't really there. eventually, we start dragging a pretty noticable parade, it gets in our way, it slows us down, it chokes us and everyone else with the dust cloud it raises.

this is why animals are more honest than people...they don't pretend...."hey! i never touched that garbage, a robber came in and went thru it while you were taking so long in the bathroom, you spend way too much time in there!"

they say..... "dogs like garbage, it was there, i could reach why are you so mad at me?"

dogs suck at deflection.

it is a gift.

or maybe not, i am wondering about tally.