Rescue Journal

spritely had a bad day

Carol  ·  Mar. 12, 2008

she came out of the barn fine this morning and then had a nice roll. she hurt herself while rolling and trying to get up. greg found her at 0830 struggling to rise. he managed to get her up but she was shocky from the stress and the pain in her leg. she wasn't able to weight bear so he called me and i called the vets and rushed right back home.

she is up. she is partially weight bearing and able to walk very slowly and carefully and small distances on the soft riding ring surface. the vet said we will see how she is in a few days. he could not believe she is still hanging in there and doing great when in dec 2006, we all thought we had hit the end of the road. he said there are not too many that would have stood by her considering the difficulties and expense and sheer hopelessness of managing her severe lymphoedema, and he was amazed it has worked so well for so long. who'd have thought? it even surprises me.
it is not because we are such great and wonderful people, it is because spritely sprocket spirit train is a great and wonderous creature, and wonderous anythings deserve to be cherished and given every single chance for a very good life.

hopefully i will be yelling at her again by next week to stop charging around, quit rolling in the mud, get the hell out of gideon's stall, and don't chase the cows and goats cuz they don't think it is funny.

we all love you spritely, please feel better really soon.


Eva Stock


You are amazing! Kepp that strength for a long time yet. She is a positive spirit and will do her best to keep on prancing Mo. We all love her that is for sure. Eva.

Violet Morse

I am so sorry to hear about Spritely. Since she is the horse I am sponsoring I have a great interest in her.
I do hope she is not in too much pain and will get better fast. Give her a hug for me. Vi


She is truly an amazing horse, I love her dearly, her confirmation is perfect & her nature matches it. It was incredible that back in 06 when on the very day, we had scheduled her euth, she rallied & told us it was not her time... & look at that , here we are almost a year & half later , she has really only had a few spells of soreness & many many many days of pure life enjoyment , grazing in fields, being groomed ( which she actually enjoys ) rolling in mud, kicking her heals up & roaring around on a bright morning. I pray that this too shall pass, but I also know that if it has come to be her time.. she will go with all our love wrapped around her .


Here's wishing Spritely a quick recovery. May you enjoy the extra attention in the meantime.