Rescue Journal

good day

Carol  ·  Mar. 15, 2008

i just finished taking the new "you are NOT our dog" for a walk. not having much luck finding her owners, but she does like pizza. we are trying to find a name for far natasha is in the forefront...she needs a very large and strong name.
and guess what i saw while we were out for a stroll? spritely RUNNING across the field. i yelled..."hey you better stop that right now missy!" and then she spotted me. but i think she thought some stranger was yelling at her just like i do cuz i don't think she quite figured out who i was cuz i never yell at her from up the road. she looked confused.
carl was more interested in who was this new dog i was walking and percy just wanted to lick me thru the fence in hello.

we got alot done today...the feed bins are all stocked, i FINALLY cleaned the chicken coops. mo and cathy did an awesome job on the barns, lana and lora kicked ass in the house, jody cleaned those bunnies til they squeaked and melissa and maddy walked dogs and labeled our shelves.

lynn was here but she was sick so she got kicked out after poop and scooping and tammy looked utterly crippled with a sore back but phoebe is still pissed that she didn't get her road run.

zoe and friend came and took lots of photos, gave lots of cuddles and made tyra's day. zoe had found this very cute high end faux purse toy. she gave it to tyra. 5 minutes later, tyra was walking around with just the handle in her mouth. she can gut a toy in 30 seconds or less ( she disembowels stuffies to get to the squeaker inside.)

my friend carmen and her neice popped by for a visit and i still managed to get the vet, dump and shopping trips done.

good day today folks, thank you all so very much.


Eva Stock

Thrilled the new dog is doing well. How about "Nu" as in new? See you in a bit. Eva


That's why I refer to Phoebe as my personal trainer. She takes you for runs down the road and through the school yard. Not to mention the wind sprints she has you doing down by the pond.


I enjoyed the visit today, the animals and people are always a great way to lift your spirits. Sorry to hear no one else took Phoebe for her road run, please tell her I will make it up to her when I'm feeling better. I also owe her a treat from McDonalds.