Animal Updates


Nicole  ·  Mar. 16, 2008

Some photos of Carley inhaling a burger I brought her last week.

What are you holding behind the camera?

It's a burger!

Yes, I think I'll eat it

And your finger too

Last bite

All gone, time to chew



why everyone (good) in the world doesn't want a pitbull is beyond me. they are funny, they are friendly, they are great, great dogs.
i love the pics nicole!


Carley is one lucky dog - I know she thinks she's in heaven with all the treats and love she gets... and those shots are hilarious Nicole!

Eva Stock

Thanks Nicole for all the love for Carley as I think she is so cool and I feel bad that she has to be inside so much. I love that Carol takes her to the barn at night. She just loves it and is so good too. What a great dog!. Eva


Awwww Carley girl, you've come a long way from a lonely shelter kennel (albeit heated and far better than some places you could have been, and aside from the fact that you had every VAS volunteer wrapped around your pretty paw). Finally you are living the life you deserve to live. All lovely old Pitties should be so fortunate. Long may you reign, sweetie.

Great photos Nicole. :)