Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Mar. 17, 2008

the only things on my yesterday list that i actually got done were the feed room, a quickie on the mp room and i did manage to go and buy a child gate to prevent that idiot charging squirt from bugging the cats in my bedroom. but that was only part of my list so this means i am pulling stuff over to today and that does suck.

we re-checked nola's masses with our vet on saturday, and she agrees via needle aspiration that yes they are nothing to worry about. pugsy continues to do well post-surgery and is back to her normal little chubby self, minus one eye. she gets her sutures out in another few days...until then, they are a bit itchy so i have to watch her, we are trying to avoid a cone. those things are just plain mean to blind, fat, little neckless dogs. spritely's leg is looking good so cross my fingers and knock on wood, i think we made it safely thru another episode. and Not Our Dog has one last chance to find her home. she is going into the vets today for muzzling and a nail trim and to see if they can read and trace that very old and faded tattoo. please god, let this lead to her real home who is maybe missing her and might actually want her back, she is a nice girl in an odd sort of way but too hard to manage here.

so today is one of those same old, same old days...with a ton of stuff to get thru that we have to get thru each and every day and then do it again tomorrow. that is the real killer around is almost like that movie, "ground hog day" just keep reliving the day you just finished with very little variation, day after day after day.

it sucks....blah.



With an ending like that maybe the ending was the dream and everything else was real life.


He got the girl. He got a new attitude. He learned to play the piano and carve ice statues. He got the opportunity be a philanthropist.

He got everything he wanted. She got him. Everyone around them were happy. It was a PERFECT world.


lol...i can't remember the ending, just that dreary over and over again each day how did it end anyway?


In Ground Hog Day everything turned out perfect! Keep that in mind and hope for the best. Carol, may you have a Ground Hog Day movie ending.