Rescue Journal

"hello nice lady....?"

Carol  ·  Mar. 19, 2008

"Hellooooo?....i am here in my nice shiny and fancy coat...can you hear me calling? that is me calling you. come sit with me and let me rub my face all over you. come sit with me and i will make my lips go whap, whap, whap as i shake and throw drool strings just like the dog your heart hurts for."

"hey lady, come see me, i can jump up high and i can slobber all down your neck and cheek with only two feet on the ground.... can i come out there with you? look! i can hold the door open with my head, see?" i smell good, don't i? you smell just like me, we smell the same!"

"i like you lady, you are nice, can you come back here please, can i come out there with you?"

"hey lady?..."

oh for gawds sake.



Wait until he looks like Kiefer! Once a Newfoundland dog steals your soul, you'll never get it back. You'll drop your 2 dogs, 2 cats personal adoption rules in no time. :)


he is just grateful for a little bit of kindness. but he is quite endearing in a gi-normous, stinky, wet, and icky kind of way.
i can't wait til i don't squeamishly shudder while hugging and kissing him.
he is a nice boy.