Rescue Journal

Dear Doornob..ah, i mean, Jed

Carol  ·  Mar. 20, 2008

i can hear you. please do not woof........woof.......woof..... every 30 seconds for 3 of my 5 sleeping hours. please do not take huge poops right in the center of the room and then walk in it...over and over and over again.

yes, i like you too but my "off to work somewhere else" clothes are not to smell like least not right now anyway and big wet drooling lips should be wiped somewhere else BEFORE they get shoved thru my legs.

when i sit on the floor with you, you are SUPPOSED to lie down and enjoy a cuddle and a belly rub. grabbing me with your front legs and trying to hump me, knocks me over and ruins the moment.

try not to step on cody, she is old and fat and giant blind oafs put her in a bad mood.

you are a very nice boy, and i will always be here when you really need me...but not every second of every single minute cuz i have other work to do too.

playing "keep her away from the door" is not fun. you have the size advantage and can block off half the room without moving and i have a bad ankle.

i love you already, you are a very sweet and funny dog. when we get you neutered you can follow me around more but not into any rooms less than 12 x 12.

be good today, enjoy the rest of your giant leg shave and help angelina out and step into the bath yourself you big galoot!




~...chuckles!~ he's one of those dogs who needs his own walk-through wash, something like a car wash.

lynne arnason

i am very glad he found you carol. he is one of the lucky ones. hopefully he settles down i am sure he will once he realizes it is only going to get better and better. i love newfies but you already know carol i have 3 dogs and a husband. the last one is the problem. lol lynne