Rescue Journal

yes we are all still alive.

Carol  ·  Mar. 22, 2008

busy morning, busy at work, busy when i got home. i am just a busy body.

lots of great visitors the past couple of days, it was a good weekend to visit with the weather cooperating for a change. there is a very nice couple coming to meet me here on my lunch break tomorrow. they are looking to possibly adopt a couple of small seniors to add to their family. tomorrow is meet and greet day.

tonight we watched "the karate kid"...i remember when that movie first came out a very long time ago. anyway, my favorite line from it is when the teacher says to the student...(this is not an accurate direct quote, just kind of close)..."you can walk on the right side of the road, or you can safely walk on the left side of the road, but if you walk in the middle, you'll get splattered. you can do karate, or you can not do karate but if you try to do karate sometimes, halfway, you'll get splattered"

hah! rescue is like this, except it is the animals who end up as road kill when we do a half-assed job.

anyway all is well, some people worry that i am dead and have been eaten by certain clyde's if i don't post every evening. not dead, just walking the right side of the road tonight and trying not to get too blinded and dazed by the lights of the on coming traffic.