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happy easter everyone

Carol  ·  Mar. 23, 2008

on my to do list tomorrow (day off) besides all the reg. cleaning, dump/vet runs....more eyes drops. (sanjaya has a goopy eye and jed is quickly using up what we have left... plus you can't cross contaminate with the FeLV cats anyway, they need their own.) clover needs his nails done and rudy needs his teeth cut (i HATE doing bunny teeth! i am always afraid i will get a tongue or a lip.) it is time to do the first advantage treatments of the year...that is always fun with 60 some odd animals, including the bunnies. ( note to self, wear gloves, i only have 2 days off and can't afford to get sick from that stuff)

new crippled chicken coming in tomorrow...set up a safe spot for her til our guys get used to her. we have to be doubly careful when introducing messed up chickens cuz existing chickens can be weird about new and vulnerable ones so better safe than sorry.

there is a rat living in the wall between my bedroom and bathroom, he is starting to piss me off with the constant chewing i hear in there. there is another one in the wall of the icky doorless room cuz i hear that one too. bad move on their part, i am not a happy camper.

i might miss dinner with my family tonight, i haven't decided yet. i have alot to do both at work and here so i am not sure i will get over there for easter dinner. but since they are all in Maple Ridge for dinner anyway, i can at least pop in and say hello and get a few hugs. that is always nice, you can never get enough hugs from your kids.

i hope not a single live bunny was exploited this easter.



Carol, if you had/have time to sit with your family for a meal, I truly hope you did/will. You need to take time to replenish your soul and to reconnect with those who know and love you best. You are not made of stone, friend, you need the warmth and affection of your family to keep on keeping on.

Eva Stock

Hi Carol;

Will be there today for a quick clean-up for the bunnies and Mp room. Will take Jessie for a quick walk too. Tomorrow I will come to do the teeth and nails ok. Have a nice Easter everyone. Hope you have time to have dinner with your family Carol. Eva