Rescue Journal

i do believe i might have made it thru my list.

Carol  ·  Mar. 25, 2008

the year end paper work is all pulled together for the accountant. everyone is advantaged. the dump run is done (but the bin is 3/4 full again). i picked up the donated patio set from sears for the silent auction, i picked up vadie's package from the post office (thank you vadie!) i went to the bank, i paid some of the vet bills, the mp room is put back together, the feed bins are full (but we need more litter box pellets), the vet runs for this week are done...hmmm, just finish the laundry and change my bed i, way to go carol for actually having a realistic list!

jesse has diarrhea, that is a drag. cuddles the poodle has a hot spot, that is a drag too. jed is still a bit icky but not as bad as he was so that is good. and i think right now at this very minute, everyone else is ok. they are all sleeping right now anyway and that is good too. aurora is doing very well so i am happy about that too.
i gave a quick tour to one of my nursing buddies and her she knows i am truly nutz, but in a good way (i think).

soooo...barn guys to bed, meds, bath, change my bed and kick thru the laundry and get jesse out for a couple of more walks....and american idol and no headache tonight, yay!

my eyes are burning tho from all the advantage fumes...i hope i can still see by the time idol starts.

oh...and in case you don't know this...apparently, the fourth advantage spot applied to a shaved newfie's spine not only will run down the protruding hip onto red leather couch but will disintergrate said red leather couch too. so what does it do to their skin? ouch! jed had a red butt now.