Rescue Journal

saints welcomes Pashti VPOC

Carol  ·  Mar. 31, 2008

(very pissed off cat.) she is 14 yrs old and currently taking over the top of my dresser to boo's dismay (this was boo's spot!) so miz boo was crouched on top of my little tiny corner unit longingly gazing at her now occupied bed a mere 12 inches away. sigh.

i found a piece of particle board and slid it onto the corner shelf and over to the dresser and made a nice if somewhat smallish bed for boo. i would like to point out tho that my poor right arm had the crap whacked out of it by TWO pissed off and de-clawed cats who were none too grateful for my help. i think i might end up with actual bruises.

anyway, they both have a spot now and i am the one who by rights should be pissed off cuz i now have 2 cranky de-clawed cats, 2 cranky cat beds, 2 cranky cat food and water bowls AND a litter box on top of MY dresser. and i am not cranky so they should both just chill the heck out.

pashti's owner moved into a "no pets" building and she went to live with their son. today he was moving and could not take the cat so mom and dad tried to get their building to let the cat stay for a few days til they sorted things go. they went to one of the shelters to surrender her and were turned away due to her age. they then called CARES who couldn't do anything today and were full anyway so they referred them to me because they were still driving around trying to find a place for the cat.... the last option was euth today.

oh well, i suppose she can beat the crap out of me in retaliation, she did have a tough day today.

welcome pashti...but i am calling you mrs. p... it is how i get even.

ok, bad cat..she just bit the visiting baby redneck to the bone...i made her eyes water while i cleaned bites are dangerous. sorry kels....mrs. p... you can beat the crap out of me but no biting visitors!