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follow the M&M's

Carol  ·  Apr. 1, 2008

lot's of animal people are anal about dogs and chocolate...i feed the dogs smarties and m&m's all the time...not many cuz i want most of them, but i do share cuz there is really very little actual real chocolate in them. the dogs sure do love them alot!. anyway, when i happen to be eating m&m's it looks like i am the pied piper of pets...the dogs are following after the candies and the cats are following me around to get some of my milk. it is about the only times in my entire life that i feel quite popular!

i am bagged tonight. everything got done (thank you everyone!) and the hay shed and feed bins are full. it took us down to our last hundred bucks but at least no one is at risk for missing any meals for the next week.

i think i was thinking too much today. actually, i was worrying too much, that is why i am tired. i don't know how to live with blind faith, but i should because blind faith has managed to keep us safe and maybe it will continue.

we really have some wonderful animals. mrs. p has discovered my bed. every time i go in there, she starts rolling around to show me what a nice bed she has found. i hope she lets me in there tonight.

sanjaya and ronnie are starting with the URI again and mosley is losing weight. but they are all still happy and comfortable and truly enjoy every bit of company.

jesse has become a lap dog, i am not sure why giant dogs like to sit on people's laps.

phoebe got to do the dump run with us and make a quick trip to timmy's for her own 10 pack of tim bits. i think she had too much sugar cuz she was cranky when she finally laid down for a nap.

lexi had her first field run today and did reasonably well. i don't want her out unless i am right beside her but i think she enjoyed getting out for a bit today.

nicole's slasher milly cat had her mammary surgery cancelled today. she has new tumours forming since the last pre-op check and the vet feels this cancer is just too aggressive to treat. nicole officially adopted her today so for the rest of milly's life, she will never again be homeless and unwanted again. i am sorry nicole, but from milly and all of us here...thank you for giving her a home and a heart to reside in. it is a precious gift.



Thank you Nicole for adding to your family by one more. No one knows how long Milly has but I am glad that it will be a time full of love and memory making for both of you.;)

Eva Stock

Hi Nicole;
Sorry to hear about Lilly and the new tumors. So glad she has you and your home. Take care as I know you are so busy with exams etc. See you soon and I will leave a list of pics needed for the charts in the mp room ok. Tammy says she will take some pics that are needed when we find out what you and Carol already have. Bye for now . Eva


Milly is a fortunate cat. Love and security may have come to her late in her life, but she has as much as any cat can want or need.
I'm sorry your time with Milly will probably be short.....unless she decides, like Dexter, that there really is no reason to go anytime soon. Keep your chin up, Nicole. Your strength will help Milly stay strong.