Rescue Journal

does the end justify the means?

Carol  ·  Apr. 2, 2008

and does the good and pure intention justify the actual real outcome? i struggle with these kinds of things here and in my nursing career.

in nursing we recognize and accept that people sometimes choose to live at risk. it is where to draw the acceptable "at risk" before it crosses the line that confuses us. fifteen years ago in hospital, we used to tie elderly, demented patients to their beds, we had everything from posy jackets to 5 point leather restraints. barbaric when i look back on it, but it was intended to keep people safe.

in rescue, as far as the animals go, it is easy for me to draw the lines in the sand. to me it is common sense. the least intervention possible to achieve as close to the desired goal as possible. it is about respect for them and recognizing that life is somewhat risky and not always ideal but care and caution replacing carelessness and thoughtlessness usually finds a respectful way. and sometimes shit just happens cuz we just can't be right and perfect all the time but we can still try.
it is the stuff beyond the animals themselves that totally befuddles me. that is where i feel like i might sink into quicksand cuz i am just not savy enough. an example of this is from many years ago when someone offered to sell some product and share partial proceeds with the animals in exchange for using them as charitable fundraising excuses to increase product sales. that just made me feel squirrelly inside, like something wasn't really right. maybe it was, maybe it wasn't, maybe i understood correctly, maybe i didn't...i just did not know, all i know is it FELT wrong so i said no.

sometimes i wonder about all the things i just don't know. today it was like that in my nursing. i needed that crystal ball to see what would really happen IF....

i think god should hand out crystal balls to those who are stupid enough to try to make life altering decisions for either humans or animals. that crystal ball would make life a whole heck of a lot easier for me.