Rescue Journal

so far, today has gone really well

Carol  ·  Apr. 9, 2008

trina, rene and i decided first thing this morning how we were going to deal with the dogs excitement issues. they still got to follow their normal routine, a field run, feeding, hanging out in the barn (stealing the cat food bowls)...but with us taking back the control. phoebe is now in a citronella bark collar. the other dogs are interrupted before they start to escalate into chaos. we each were on the exact same page and the dogs figured that out really quick. consequently it was quieter and more peaceful today, the dogs are much more settled so i know we are on the right track.

now to get this to work with more than just the three of us because that is actually the real problem. all of our focus has got to always be, what is happening around us with the animals. it is not about work tasks, visitors, what we have to or want to is about paying attention to the animals, their needs, their signals, their ultimate wellbeing and consistently following thru.

this whole process will be interesting and challenging and i have no doubt that we will get there. and thank you clyde for making it finally the number one priority for me, there is always something to be gained, even in a crises and all of us will gain here because of you.



Good for you Carol. It's important to find a balance that works for the Saints and for you. After all it is your home!!! Who knew Clyde would bring positive changes when he landed at your doors.


phoebe shall not have to worry about mosquito bites, either. ;-) those collars sound like a good idea.