Rescue Journal

trauma day

Carol  ·  Apr. 10, 2008

maude went to the vets. i left her there. she did not like this. she fussed, she complained, she pooped and squished it all around, including between her toes. they were quite happy to send her home. she had some bloodwork and she has a minor ear infection but they couldn't find anything too terribly wrong with her except they thought she was a pain. the vet suggested that maybe she heard a bear or a coyote last night and maybe that freaked her out...except she is deaf and it lasted for more than 14 hours so i think that theory sucks.

mrs p. did not go into the crate this morning so i cancelled her appointment just like i planned. she did however decide it looked comfy at noon so i shut her in and took her to the vet then. she still isn't done yet cuz today got busy so she will be done hopefully tomorrow morning. she is not happy that i left her there but unfortunately that is what happens to currently biting cats, they don't get to make alot of their own decisions.

roscoe went to the vet this afternoon for his blood work to check his thyroid level. they freaked me out cuz they said he was crawling with fleas and i said to check to make sure they were dead cuz we advantaged him as soon as he came in. yes they were dead, so that is ok, i was worried that we got a bum dose. they had a great deal of trouble getting a blood sample from him, his veins kept collapsing (they are 21 yr old veins) so they ended up poking him 3 times all total.

poor old man, i am sorry...i don't care whatever is wrong with you, we probably can't fix all that much.....except if it is thyroid, we can help that and you will feel very much better really soon.

so now that we are done for the day with torturing both the animals and the vets of saints (except mrs. p) i am looking forward to a quiet and peaceful night.

(that bloody washer repair guy still hasn't show up tho!)