Rescue Journal

when the going gets tough, the stupid make it tougher.

Carol  ·  Apr. 11, 2008

i did the dump run first thing this morning and while i was cheerfully contemplating the recyclible sign and noting that this week we fully cell phone rang. it was one of the pounds.."hey carol, remember that funny looking dog that was here when you picked up jed?"...."what? the utterly stupid looking one, the dog with no legs?".... well, the dog with no legs was getting critical, pain control was an issue, she was starting to self mutilate, she wouldn't eat anymore and was utterly depressed. 8 weeks in a kennel and waiting for someone to take you home is a lifetime for some dogs, especially when they are old. she was deteriorating quickly and was now screaming in distress at times. the staff felt it was becoming cruel to keep her alive, so today was "it" day...the day when something had to change for her.
so instead of going and getting straw and cat litter, i drove 45 minutes to the pound. and saints might now have the world's ugliest dog, but she is truly one of the nicest. she is shrill, she is pointy, her voice can shatter glass. but she wants to be friends with everyone today and she has not stopped licking noses, sniffing butts, wagging tails, and even was inviting tyra to play. her nose has been buried in every food bowl, she can eat off a spoon like a born again saint and she is quite fond of the giant karunda beds that are perfect for rolling around and rubbing her face. the family left her and the 2 cats at their home all alone and moved away. the landlord brought them into the pound. not too many ways to think that was very nice.
so god stuck some poor old greying german shepherd in a crippled basset body, and then gave her a not very reliable home.... that in itself is cruel, so in compensation he gave her a lovely heart and had the pound staff help her find her way to here.
saints welcomes "jewel"..already she likes it here...alot!
when jewel and i pulled into the driveway, IKY was here waiting to get in. so i got jewel in and settled and then moved IKY (eye-kee)...she is very scared. i thought to put her in with jed because it is very quiet and settled in there, but she took one look at that gy-normous beast and clearly said get me out of here! she is a family surrender (her senior owner died and the family are returning to oversees) IKY is lovely tho and once she settles, i think she will fit in very well. she is a 14 yr old retriever cross who unlike jewel, thinks she might be in hell. that is the difference between dogs who are loved and dogs who are not...their perceptions are a little bit different.

it is very stressful bringing in new animals,,,2 in one day is a killer, but then what are you going to do? i almost said no to jewel, i am so glad i said yes instead.

follow ups...copper needs a dental and an ear flush, cole needs surolan in his ears, mrs. p is home and naked and did not make any friends at the vets. she is however happy to be home again and free from those painful matts. roscoe is HYPO-thyroid...he is my first hypo cat, cats are almost always hyperthyroid so he is pretty special i guess. everyone else is fine today. squirt has made his second human friend. he is jumping up and kissing rene now, yay squirt, way to go little guy!!!

so i apparently just filled my plate a bit more and maybe that wasn't the best idea. but then no one can say that my ideas are all that great anyway cuz one really not bright idea spawned the living and breathing saints.



Welcome Jewel and IKY. Until they settle in they should balance each other out, right?! Thank you Carol for taking in two more. It sounds like they are both very special and, therefore, perfect for SAINTS.