Rescue Journal

REALLY crappy sleep number 2

Carol  ·  Apr. 13, 2008

IKY! she panics at night when i go to bed and everyone else is sleeping, she wants to go home. she howls, she moans, she digs and chews at the 2 gates (one into the cat room, the one into carly) cuz she knows that both of them eventually have access to outside doors. she will escape if she can, she will run far away, she will try to find her way back home because she does not belong here right now.

she has full access to see me, to come and have me rub her head but it is not me she wants so that's no help to her, she wants someone else instead. i arranged with her owners that if she did not settle in that i would ask them to take her home, even if this means putting her down before they leave the country. it is not fair to torture old dogs in the twilight of their years, sometimes it is better just to make them really happy and then send them off a bit early.

i am not ready to give up on IKY yet, she also has a right to work this thru if she can. her family doesn't leave until may which i why i wanted her to come now. time is a funny thing, it is amazing what it can do if given the freedom to tick away. IKY may make the adjustment and be happy and hopefully she can, we won't know til we give her the chance, and so that's what we do.

i am glad that she has had a good life but unfortunately she would be happier here if she hadn't. saints is not the place for a life well lived, it is fair compensation for the ones who lived without.

even tho tyra has lived in a virtual shelter all of her entire life, i cannot imagine what losing me would do to her, except i know it would freak her out.

fingers and toes are crossed for IKY (and for me to get some actual sleep) thank god i am on days off, thank god jewel is happy that she came to saints. cuz i couldn't handle two unhappy meltdowns, both at the very same time.

and a heads up for everyone, IKY is NEVER to be alone in the yard right now until she no longer needs to run.

we better do a pizza night tonight, and maybe one tomorrow too!

and i think i will take her out for breakfast this morning, there are a few perks to getting stuck living at saints.