Rescue Journal

not fair

Carol  ·  Apr. 14, 2008

IKY only had 2 fuss fests, both stopped quickly once i was awake and paying attention. jewel's version of room deoderizing is improving and i am very thankful for that.

there are always 2 lots of poop and pee to clean up each morning...the first is "we were busy while you were sleeping" and the second is " we were busy while you were cleaning"...actually there is a third "we were busy while you were out feeding the barn."
there are 2 problems with getting them outside as soon as i wake is we can't get to the door til i clean up the mess and the second is, they can't go out til a decent hour so we don't get stupid, excited noisy and wake up the neighbors. i don't like mornings all that much.

my deep thought for today is...with all the shit that goes hand in hand in rescue (both literally and proverbially)....there has to be one specific brain damaged spot that rules our entire being. i want a different brain damaged part, like spielberg, or trump, or oprah have. (but i don't want michael jackson's)
not fair.