Rescue Journal

oh and i should tell everyone...

Carol  ·  Apr. 14, 2008

that it was decided to color code the dog's collars at the last meeting.

red means "stop and check with staff"

mostly it means they can't go for walks off site, but for lot's of different reasons....


mugsy and cleo and clyde and squirt will flip out if anyone even thinks to try to attach a leash.

sometimes they are new and panicked and at risk for bolting and getting away.

dogs like jed and dex could possibly fall over and die, and lexi just doesn't want to go unless i am going too.

anyway, if you see a predominently red collar (or no collar at all) assume they are not on the walking list unless one of us says otherwise.

also, on a very sad note...

i am looking at trying to arrange a home euth. for dexter on friday, it will probably be around noon on colleen's lunch break. he is slowing down alot now, that tumour is starting to cause him some discomfort despite his high doses of pain meds and the field saturday was full of flies which tells me once the warmer weather is here to stay, we are in a great deal of trouble, i think it is time and i hope dex is ok with letting me make this decision for him. anyone who wants to see him and say good bye should do it before friday and his very favorite friends are welcome to be with him as he passes.



that totally sucks about dexter, he is like the duracell rabbit who just keeps on going and going. i am going to miss him. his spunkiness and his zest for life. he will truly be missed. i am so sorry.i am going to come by during the week to see him ..lynne