Rescue Journal

when they die...

Carol  ·  Apr. 14, 2008

i go back thru the blog to find every single memory i can. it is funny, how yesterday we so enjoyed dexter in the field and shopping in the mp room. but a year ago i was tossing tennis balls for him in the kitchen from my wheelchair. and dex didn't just play with one ball at a time, he liked to play with 20. i remember bitching non stop as i dug a never ending supply of balls out from under his favorite bed. does everyone remember dex telling us to "throw the stick, throw the stick, throw the god damn stick!" like a million times into the pond each day? and it wasn't that long ago ago that dexter was chasing the freaking cow!

i thought it was january when his tumour broke open but it was all the way back in september, he had that huge seizure last summer, he started to bleed heavily in febuary, a year ago his trachea started to paralyse, and his breathing turned to crap. we all thought he would be dead in a few weeks when he first got here and that was almost 16 months ago. how many times did i write, dexter's time was almost up? dexter's time is close?, dexter is not doing well?
i remember dexter buggering off down the driveway just because he decided to go for a walk. did you know that dexter could catch almost every single ball in his mouth as long as it wasn't an absolutely horrible throw? and one time i saw dexter running all over the place in very high speed and i didn't realize he was looking for me. he used to lay with bill and me in the upper field while the other dogs goofed around, and he used to dump out the garbage to get the empty dog food tins. at night he would knock over the big red cookie buckets and eat half of them before morning.

when we were trying to change the blankets on the dog beds, he would grab the clean ones away from us and carry them away. he would play tug of war and it was almost impossible to get your work done whenever dexter decided to play. when he felt really frisky he would hump someones leg and he liked nothing better than taking off his coat and leaving it outside in the pouring rain.

screw all the other crap i write on this blog...i write their lives on here as well. and i write the memories that i will someday need when they all pass away.

geez dex, even i had forgotten what a truly amazing dog you are, i am glad that i wrote some of it down.



i will always remember him in the mp rom, gaily helping himself to whatever treats he wanted, and teaching some of the other dogs the secret trick of ripping the bags open, he sure knew how to live life to the fullest. i remember his goodby party where he had a great time, and decided he better stick around. he probably had in mind to have another one. he won over our hearts for sure. lynne


Dexter was such a special soul. Lana and I soooo glad he kept proving you wrong Carol. It was a Gift to meet a dog with such an amazing SPIRIT! He will be missed.