Rescue Journal

"i've been working on my laundry...." i always change the words to songs in my head to make them fit what i am doing.

Carol  ·  Apr. 15, 2008

IKY had a good night last night, she didn't wake me up at all. she also had her first field runs. she swam, she chased spritely, she got kicked by her too and then she learned that chasing spritely was not a good thing to do.

i didn't get to bed til very late cuz i was pushing my laundry thru, that pile is huge and i didn't get even half of it done so i will be doing it again tonight. i forgot to take pugsy to bed last night so she slept on the floor, i feel bad about that cuz she likes the bed better.

i forgot to tell you about an odd occurence yesterday. last summer, we had a couple of visitors from the winnipeg humane society, they were starting a farm animal rescue program and wanted to see what we did here. when i was at the vets with jesse, a woman came up to me and asked if i was carol and it was one of the ladies. their group had been on the island for the noah's wish emergency response training and they popped over here hoping to see saints, except they couldn't actually remember where we were so they stopped in at a vet clinic to see if they knew. one of the ladies was from europe, her real job over there was to follow the livestock transport trucks and ensure they complied to the stringent humane transport rules. she also trained police officers so they would enforce the law too. i think that is a great job to have and why are the people in europe so much better at humane care of farm animals than we are?
anyway, they found me and followed me back up to saints and met all of our crew. i enjoyed their visit and i think they enjoyed theirs too. i just think it was weird that they were out looking and i just walked in the door, talk about strange coincidences that happen, that was just plain odd.
i don't have to worry this morning if dexter made it thru the night, we all know he didn't. but i can still feel him in the dog room, on his bed by the fire. i wonder if you don't want to go, if you actually have to leave? or can you hang out doing the stuff you like to do only with a lot more ease? i wonder if you get used to being gone and then take longer forays to the other side and eventually you just stay over there cuz that is where you are really meant to be?

i wonder alot about happens when eventually we die. i don't think i am afraid of it cuz when it happens, it is not like there aren't many, many loved ones who went there before me. it has to be either nothing, just the perpetual sleep, or it has to be everything, with everyone there...either one would be ok i think.

i am going to try to get one more laundry load thru before the troops arrive this morning. then i will pack my stuff away for a bit so we can carry on with saints laundry til tonight.