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frank gets to be a sacrificial pawn

Carol  ·  Apr. 17, 2008

he wasn't our dog, we had no legal rights but i said he could stay here because i hoped folks would do right. apparently not.

frank is just another victim of human political gain. so while the humans jockey for their power and position, frank can live at risk and i can spend the rest of my life worrying about him, that's fair. i hope someone gained alot from this, besides my tears and his pain.

self serving politics and selfishness kills and harms more animals than actual abuse or neglect. humans climb their lofty ladders and the rungs are made of hearts and souls. but we pretend we don't know this, we pretend we are innocent, we pretend that this is about the animals...well it is cuz the animals get hurt when we use them to climb even higher.
and in the end, who sacrificed frank today? i did, because i did not know how to stack the deck in his favor and i did decide to let him go.
i am sorry frank, you shouldn't have trusted me. you should never trust any of us, as a species, we are just too messed up to get it right. next time you see a human, don't let them save you, just run for your life.

frank will be the second dog sacrifced this week that i know of to meet the needs of humans. it's a dogs life, and it sucks. never be born again as a dog.


Eva Stock

I think what people are asking you is how did Frankie come to Saints? What is his history? Why did anyone want to take him back when he was doing so well at Saints? What will happen to him now. Why did they disrupt Saints in the first place to only disrupt again to a bad result? Goe I am sorry for Frankie as all I think of is the fun he was having in the mp room the other day and the joy he brought all of us that were there. Eva


i am guessing my comment did not get published i am wondering what happened to ffrankie. last time i saw him everything seemed to be going okay. nothing seems to make sense. i am reading the comnents between you anf lindsay and i am baffled. lynne


this kind of crap happens everywhere...parents hold animals hostage over the heads of their children, partners use them as weapons one against the other, volunteers use them as an excuse to take over a rescue, shelter staff use them to get each other fired, boards of directors use them to remove competition for power, rescues use them against each other to bring someone down, the story is the same everywhere, it never changes...
take some animals face or picture or story or history and use it to destroy someone else.
look at the animal welfare conflict over the placement of the michael vick dogs...who is right? who is wrong? who knows more, who is better informed, who is protecting the public, who is protecting the dogs and who got the money and how much did they get and how many photo ops or publicity did they get too?

who cares? well... people like me do, not about the media attention or how much cash is in the bank but i care if the animals are a bullet to shoot someone dead. using animals for weapons against individuals or large public shelters as a premeditated strategy for winning whatever war for power or control or recognition is happening, is reprehensible. it is exploitation at its basest, especially when the animal is just tossed out to whatever fate awaits it once the goal is achieved.

there was a woman last week here whose ex husband kidnapped the family dog, he did not even like the dog, but he knew his family did. there are the people who return a chronically ill puppy for a full refund to a byb or petstore, the pups fate is not anyones concern now but the refund was and whatever mileage can be made out of the pups misfortune, there are ugly custody battles over the pets just so someone can win, there are meetings to plot a mutiny at a shelter, there are public board character assassination attempts to discredit rescues and rescuers...the animals themselves are the justification, they are the excuse to prove that the end justifies the means but they are really just the pawns and they NEVER win from this, when the end finally becomes a reality, they just lose even more.

frank is one among many....but he happened to be someone that i had started to love....i saw a dream of Aviator Frank in his leather flight jacket and that dream was what he deserved.


Sorry, but---that is not altogether informative. :-)

There's a story here, but I can't quite make it out through the upset. :-)


nothing to do with BW, frank is just a nice dog who made a great a silver bullet to knock someone off.
no one was mad at frank or me but we are the ones who got messed up and i am totally enraged that he was so carelessly and thoughtlessly used like this, shame on everyone involved. he LIKED sleeping in my bed! and he had a GREAT possible RESPONSIBLE and SAFE home and he might have enjoyed a gift like that!!! but he was needed to be a bullet to bury someone deep and now he has crap again. frank says thank you to all of us, you for shooting him and me for letting him be shot and to whoever scrapes him off of the side of the road next week.
frank was an innocent victim in this, did anyone even consider that? surely there was non living and not breathing ammunition to be used instead of some poor dog?
when will humans learn to keep their deadly politics away from non-political creatures who just want a decent life?