Rescue Journal


Nicole  ·  Apr. 25, 2008

The silent auction is only 3 weeks away - Just a friendly reminder to everyone that if you are planning on coming to the silent auction (which you all are, right!!) you should buy your tickets soon as we are expecting a sell out. There are less than 40 tickets left.
Anyways if you want to pick up some tickets call Zoe (604-729-8627) or me (604-862-9738).
Also - another reminder that if you have auction items for the fundraiser, please send me an email ( to let me know - it would be great it we could have them within the week.

Also here are some videos of Dexter taken by Colleen:




And one of Ellie when she was little



I'm happy you enjoyed them!

Mo, there are 2 other shorties. ( 10 seconds or so ) One is of Gideon and Spritely running up the path behind while you are grooming Swinger.

I believe you will find it if you click on one of the links that say something like "more videos from gsdsforlife". ( when you click the links Nicole provided. Did that make sense?


Dexter being a goof ... No way.. a clean coat , that would last for all 5 minutes.. I wonder how many other videos Colleen has ?? .... if you have others to share Colleen please send them to me .. I love looking at photos & clips of the moments at SAINTS. Speaking of Photos ... Nicole ? Nudge Nudge ...Lol

Eva Stock

What neat videos!! Dex. will always leave everyone with a good feeling in their heart.

I am so sorry about the turkeys!! How awful. I can't stand any animal to have pain. So glad to hear about Jewel!!

Cool videos. Have a good day everyone. Eva


did you notice mo that he was playing tug with a clean coat? i was trying to change his and he was being a goof!


OMG ... Dexter looks so happy.. you have made me cry ... but good tears . Thank you Colleen for sharing those . What a joy Dexter was !


Nicole: I mailed my cheque this afternoon as well, for two tickets. I will get the info on my gift baskets o you early next week. Rae


Nicole-I have mailed a cheque to you this evening for 3 tickets FYI. Thanks. Hope the gift basket had your approval!

Chris T

Angelina will deposit those items we discussed in the MP room next time she is out at SAINTS. There is a gorgeous harness!