Rescue Journal

we had our first outdoor picnic

Carol  ·  Apr. 26, 2008

the dogs enjoyed it very much, clyde and copper ended up on the table so they can't come to the fundraiser cuz their table manners aren't all that great.
i have 7 unreserved tickets left for the fundraiser so if someone wants to come but hasn't gotten their tickets yet... let me know, it may soon be too late.

we should have picnics more often, today when i was putting the barn guys to bed, i found a sweatshirt, a coffee cup and a camera....i probably don't need any more sweatshirts, but the coffee cup and camera are nice.


Eva Stock

Carol, thanks for answering about the ticket and Rudy's teeth Eva

Is the ticket 20.00 dollars Nicole?


Oh Yea, the coffee cup is mine .. and has been there for 2 week-ends !! ... does that count as homeless ??


how do i know that is your camera nicole?...maybe it is a different camera, an abandoned camera...a HOMELESS camera....maybe yours is still outside getting wet!

i saved your hoodie tho.


i also meant to mention seeing ellie in the hole she dug for herself and then laid in too cute..shoyld have had my camera. lynne


that was fun wish i did not have to leave so early but i had appts. see you tomorrow lynne

Eva Stock

Shoot I forgot about the picnic darn it. Allthough I was really busy today too. I got those tables finished painting today for the Niners football assoc. so that is cool and I had lots of running around to do too. Don't forget to save me a ticket Carol ok I will come tomorrow and pay for it. 20.00 dollars right. Left you a message on your cell re; cutting Rudy's teeth. Can you let me know what time you will be home and I can make sure I am still there as I am coming to do clean-up and visit the bunnies and Colton. Eva


yay for taking in my camera. i phoned and phoned but you're in hiding again and i was worried about it getting damp.
the sweater is also mine.
i'll stop phoning now.