Rescue Journal

i really have nothing much to say tonight...

Carol  ·  Apr. 27, 2008

everyone is fine, i am fine one is particularly bad , no one is sick, nor singularly cute for that matter either...we are all just having a not very interesting day so i will just bore myself with laundry.

good time to post a picture of ellie in her hole nicole!



thanks nicole those pics are awsome it is true cole really does look like an arctic wolf in the snow. mugsy by the barn is also great they all are lynne


Nice to see the dogs at Douglas College. Dr. Boyle used to be one of our vets. She is a really great lady. But creating this course was a passion she always wanted to pursue...our loss but many others gain..


Lynne go the front page of SAINTS site & on the left hand side you will see where it says Photo Gallery.... click on there & enjoy ... be sure to have a cup of coffee with ... umm... some baileys it in when you sit down to look. Make sure you click on the picture to enlarge it as well.... Cole in the snow is fantastic.


Mo don't print them, the resolution will be too small. i'm printing a bunch soon (really) and I will print them off for you.
also did you see my comment above about visiting hannah banana?


Thanks Nicole... those are great... I love the one of Honey chewing on the marrow bone.... she looks great & she must just think she has gone to heaven living with you . love the Roxy ( which I spell Roxie BTW) and levi ones as well... I'll ask my Dad to print them off for me. Gosh Now I want to mention a few more that really caught my eye... but that would make this a long thread, so keep up the GREAT work & ......

see the nagging paid off.... : - )


Wow Nic, there are some awesome photos in this album! Cole in the snow, looking so wolfish, Carley snarfing her burger, Carley on the boat, Dexter relaxing, Spritely looking so dignified and beautiful,Clyde's mug shot. The shot of the Beagle Bastard is very nice, too.

If these are the second string pictures, I can't wait for the Silent Auction video.


lol...too funny!

i LOVE that picture of mugsy all by himself looking just like a tattered homeless waif...they are ALL great! ans esp thx for the pig in the hole photo!

ps (we only nag cuz it works!)


another comment, i must be bored - the video from the fundraiser will be posted so everyone can see the good picture of ellie's destruction, because i put the not as nice one in the gallery.


i can't spell whoa! so sad! i'm going to leave all those comments for everyone to appreciate my intelligence level.


nag, nag, nag, that's all i get from you two. i just finished them which means it took 2 and half hours - please appreciate how boring that was. they are up in the gallery.


the troops and i just finished watching "la vi en rose"
excellent! so where are the photo's nicole? it is 10:54, and i have done diddly squat tonight except watch a very good (and long) movie with some very good friends and apparently my night was much more fun and relaxing than yours!

everyone WANTS to see the "ellie laying in a hole" picture, they can't all come to the fundraiser (i call that pic..."The Excavator") she is so good at all she does!


oh and mo, feel free to pop down to see Hannah banana tomorrow with that letter because I never got around to it. bad me.


i've got the photos all resized now, so i just have to make the album and fix the pages - still another hour of work.
no idea why the blog is off an hour - i'll look into that.


Ok... so I realize the blog is off by an hour... cuz my computer is right .. what's with that ? So really it was 9:37 when you posted last... & I am going to bed soon... so I guess I will check them out with my morning coffee... if I have time.... back to work tomorrow after 2 weeks off & sleeping in.. wish me luck


Ok it is now 9:27 , so that is a couple hours... I'm waiting... but very patiently I might add


nope, that one is waiting to the video. actually i might have a different one of the giant hole.
i will finally do a photo album update just to shut Maureen up. expect it in an hour or two as i have many photos to sort through since i haven't done a new one since october.


How wonderful!!! A completely normal, no rush, no worry, no emergency day. It is about time. May you have many more.