Rescue Journal

i woke up in the middle of the night in a huge panic

Carol  ·  Apr. 28, 2008

i heard edwina the duck in the far distance quacking in distress. shit! something was in the hen house!!!

i jumped from bed and got as far as the kitchen and realized 2 things...edwina does not quack because she is a muscovy and the quacking was coming from underneath a sleeping raymond. apparently he was laying on top of tyra's favorite toy.

i woke up this morning to a very sad and depressed tyra, she was laying outside in the cat run on the bed looking all distressed. i dug that freaking duck out from under raymond and she jumped up, wagged her tail, grabbed it out of my hand and brought it back into one of the inside beds.

that duck is her baby, (i know this because she hasn't gutted the thing yet)



hi i know how tyra feels my dog keno has a stupid duck that he has had for 3 months makes it quack all the time and god help the other 2 dogs if they so much as toch it. it is really cute tho. lynne


Too, too funny! :) Poor Tyra J., experiencing the empty nest syndrome. Bet she'll be keeping her "baby" very close by for a while.
Is Tyra's duck like the Henrietta Chicken toys? We have a couple around here, and although Sienna has silenced one, the other makes this huge, loud, God-awful sound. It's one of MacKenzie's toys, but she's too scared of the noise to actually play with it.