Rescue Journal

miss mournful

Carol  ·  Apr. 28, 2008

eva's new nickname for jewel. she howled and wailed the whole time we were out in the barn.

eva brought over dinner and we shared equally with jesse out in the mp room...apparently she likes homemade stew.

when we were done eating, jesse did a communication thing with me..."let's go for a walk...let's go for a walk...let's go for a freaking walk carol!"

percy and pete and edith were dolts at bedtime...every single night they run into the barn. and every single night i sneak out the door they just rushed in and go out to the riding ring. the only one ever out there is jeanette. and she is patiently waiting in exactly the right place for her supper delivery. percy and pete and edith are now on the wrong side of the fence...again. dumbos.

helga is STILL sitting on those freaking eggs. i almost tricked mo into being the egg murderer, someone suggested at the picnic if we shake the eggs, they become non viable. so we got mo to shake one and then she freaked out and freaked me out too that now we were going to have a little brain damaged, shaken baby syndrome chick so we didn't shake anymore. i hope if there is a little chick in there that it is ok and just dizzy. sigh, we will have to leave those eggs alone now, the whole attempted murder of eggs incident was just way too upsetting. i am putting bowls of food and water next to helga so she has a chance to eat while diligently hiding her eggs from the stupid humans around here.

there is a HUGE dump load out in the driveway...thank god i have wed. off cuz it is soon not going to fit in my van. and the feed bins are getting low again, the hay shed only has one last bale of hay...gee wed. will be "haul heavy crap around" day, that is going to suck big time.
jed had diarrhea after i left for work this morning, but before the staff got here. they were traumatized because not only was it newfie sized but it was everywhere too. plus he just had to use his huge pie plate paws and walk thru it to add to the mess on the furniture and all over him too. rene said it was awful and if he does it again tomorrow, she is turning around and going straight home. i told this all to eva at dinner..she said "oh, poor jed" ...hah poor jed nothing, he likes having baths, it was the staff that are suffering from post traumatic stress because of him. i started him on some meds...please god, don't let him do it again...if they all go home tomorrow, i will have to clean it up at lunch time and it will be even worse by then...yuck!