Rescue Journal

so phoebe pisses me off.

Carol  ·  Apr. 30, 2008

she got it into her pointed little brain that she did NOT have to do what i said (this is in regards to taking her out into the fields on a leash)...she shrieked, she pulled, she had a flipping fit, her friend was there and that was more important to her. i ended up having to pin her up against the fence so she didn't slip her collar and get do not ever let phoebe win, not for a second. if a battle is going to be fought over something, then i am going to win.
the only reason saints can have multiple inter-species communally living safely together is because i insist that they do. this means that while most of the time i am fully content to let them be themselves and do their own thing.... when i do say "stop", it better stop now...not in 5 minutes, not when you feel like it, not when you get what you stops right now.

mugsy and cleo learned in one very close encounter complete with flying rubber bowls, do not touch my freaking goat, maude learned the same lesson, they all learn that here...they have never even thought to touch that goat or any other barn guy again and this is very good.

dog fights are very rare here and usually they only happen when an innocent human unintentionally sets the stage. when you consider there are 28 dogs here, living together (and an ever changing population with new animals that come in with a whole crap load of issues,) that is quite an amazing any case, fights are totally against the rules and when one does very occasionally happen it ends as soon as i am on the scene...whatever one dog did to piss off another dog pales in comparision to all of them when they have made me mad.
i do not really roar often but when i really roar i better be heard. phoebe decided she did not have to listen today and she was quite wrong in this. little neurotic, ADDH, OCD, red whirling wonders do not run the show around here and this is a very good thing when you consider what would happen if she did.

so not only am i currently choked at her, i am thinking long and hard. she has no other place to go, she has never been anywhere before that she could stay no matter what, no one has ever stuck by her...they let her get the upper hand and then they either ditch her or start talking euth. as her final plan
this is it for is the end of the road. i will ensure, whatever it takes, that she can safely stay here but with a few unbreakable rules. and the number one rule is...when i am mad phoebe, you better stop, take a deep breath, but stop... because unlike everyone else in your life...i am here for the long haul and unfortunately, so are you....and i will make sure you and the others are safe and you will cooperate with me on this because i will make you.

(for my birthday, i really would like her to be a nice, quiet, non-freak-out, non-biting dog)



Hi Carol,
Happy B'Day! Hope it is a good one, and everyone behaves for the day.

I can make Phoebe a no-pull harness. It is escape proof but it will have to come off when she is running in the field. It is easy to put one.