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the corporate mind

Carol  ·  May 2, 2008

so i had dinner with my kids...which means mind bending discussions from intelligent, well informed, educated people whose goal in life is to get me to pay attention to the real world. so tonight i was treated to the disillusionment of my beloved country...armstrong did not walk on the moon, the rockafellers and others orchestrated the great depression to form the central bank, eisenhower warned america in his farewell to office speech of the insideous corporate mentality that had infiltrated the american dream, kennedy's assasination was to cover up the manipulation of the american people, FOX news is propoganda to soothe the american mind, america attacked itself at the twin towers, and wars make money and money is EVERYTHING..... sigh...

i grew up believing in the american dream...freedom for all and equality, justice and responsibilty to protect the weak... have i been duped throughout my whole life?

i don't know...does it matter? maybe...but what i believed in was good and if it was good to believe in, it must be a good way to live. i would rather live my way, in my world than in the world of the corporate mind.
but this is why i love my kids so much, sometimes they stun me with witnessing the adults they have become. jenn is so honest and strong and true, she got straight A's at SFU this past semester, lindsey is totally and completely dedicated to the wellbeing of her students, she inherited my heart for a life of service to others, eric loves his job and the challenge of it all, he grew up to be not only very, very bright, but very, very nice too.

and they grew up that way because they were surrounded as children by what i believed...not this world that they now see, but the world that i believe to be real.

they all understand this world that we live in, they get the whole complicated layer upon layer upon layer and nothing is as it i don't get it, i don't want to get it either...what you see is what you get, works way better for me.



i agree with you chris about a book for carol. her blogs are so entertaining as well as factualwith a bit of everything else thrown in. it would indeed be a best seller . talk her into it. lynne

Chris T

Your blog entries could be turned into a book very easily with the right editor. you would sell enough copies to fund saints for a very, very long time. people would love to read about the ups and downs, the good times and the bad. I think it would be as popular as the James Herriot vet books. I know i would buy it!


me too deb...and i got great gifts,,,jenn's made me laugh. she called the other day to ask me what i wanted and i said an emergency know, all those things you need like now but can never find them. she said, "so do you want me to put a new brain in there too?"

anyway i got this honking gift bag STUFFED with individually wrapped reading glasses in all different colors, and pens, and hair brushes, lighters, and clean sox, and toothbrushes, m&m's, envelopes etc...and each with a cute little "to make your bill paying easier", "so you can actually see" was a blast to open, she is pretty funny, jiv got me a dozen beautiful roses (it has been a very long time since a young handsome man did that for me!)...eric and ang, covered all the bases...specialty teas, purdy's chocolates and a rona gift card! (oh what will i buy at rona, i am just so excited to think, we need so many things it will be hard to pick!), lindsey, did the grapefruit soap thing and bath stuff that i like so much and a great kids book about a homeless dog called mr. mutt...she said this is to remind me that they are all patiently waiting for me to finally get around to writing a book.
it was fun, and entertaining even if they did pee on my american dream.


I was born a cynic, learned young that nothing was as it appeared to be, and that I had to be hyper-aware at all times. I grew to be a sarcastic and critical young adult, but still afraid, always afraid. I had no time for "The American Dream", or "The Canadian Dream".

Now I'm an adult (according to the calender, anyway)and instead of becoming ever more bitter and suspicious, I'm learning to trust my instincts. This opens me up to a host of beautiful things......the Special Olympics, Doctors Without Borders, A Loving Spoonful, Little Women for Little Women in Afghanistan, SAINTS, Turtle Gardens.....

There is beauty in dark places, there can be incredible kindness in the face of cruelty. Good people push on, they live(d) and die(d) showing that the dreams of the sixties are still relevant....Nelson Mandela, Dr Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi,The Dalai Lama, Mother Theresa, Elie Wiesel, Rev.Desmond Tutu, Jimmy Carter, Stephen Lewis....the list goes on.

There is hatred and greed and cruelty everywhere, we don't have to look far to find it, but some very little part of me, the part that so wanted to believe in goodness and honour and safety, still believes that one at a time, a difference can be made. We just need the will to make it.

I'm glad you got to spend some time with Lindsey, Eric and Jenn, Carol.