Rescue Journal

the day after 50

Carol  ·  May 2, 2008

i lost the internet connection last night and did not get hold of the support line til late....sigh...plug out, plug why did i not think of that?

copper and cuddles (the cat) to the vet today...copper for his post-op recheck, cuddles to look at his mouth. plus we need some med refills and i better hit the farm vets for jeanette's meds too. i have my day all planned out, there are a few things i really need to get fingers crossed that not too much gets in the way (and that i didn't over book)

thank god tracey and evelyn re-scheduled their tour cuz i forgot i was having dinner with my family tonight... a very big getting old ooops! (i would have been in soooo much trouble) so as long as no one starts to seizure or die or anything else big, i should get to see my kids.

birthdays are kind of fun...there are gifts, and baking (mmmmm!), and lunches/dinners out and even breakfasts delivered to your door, many good wishes and nurses calling on speaker phones to sing happy birthday off key...and it stretches from the day before til the day after so once you hit 50, your birthday lasts for three whole days and even beyond that...that is a pretty good deal! thank you to everyone for making these three or four days filled with kindness and sympathy for my continuing struggle not to age.
so what are the little bastards up to today, besides peeing and pooping all over the floor? not much, iky is still bugging the chi's this morning...mugsy and nola are busy barking at the kids from the school practicing their upcoming race, harrison sneezed all over me when he said good morning and that was pretty darn gross. hook is preventing the laundry from being put away and phoebe is knocking more of it off the linen shelves. cuddles (the poodle) is holding my lap in place in case it wants to go somewhere else and raymond is snacking in the cat box plus he has diarrhea again. same old, same old on this friday morning and if something is different i haven't discovered it yet.