Rescue Journal

a safety reminder to everyone

Carol  ·  May 3, 2008

PLEASE securely close and lock gates, doors and latches....and then make yourself stop and double check them again.... they are there to keep the animals safe from harm. last week the bunnies had 2 open gates (human error? or frodo trucking around?) this evening i found the americat room open and this one we can't pin on frodo....tikki, ronnie and charlie were no where to be found. thank god jesse ignored the open door and the cats wandering around her room, but it could have been more than disasterous. i finally found the missing three and returned them to their room. a final head count and all are safe, this time. doors and gates are the single most important safety device we have here to keep everyone safe.

new saints slogan...

don't be lazy, check that lock like crazy!