Rescue Journal

i posted earlier about jed but it disappeared

Carol  ·  May 3, 2008

anyway, he is not well....he is running a temp, his heart rate is off the charts and all over the map. he is not eating or drinking and he has lost 3 pounds in 7 days. the vet pulled blood and sent an ECG off to the cardiologist and we wait til monday for the results and hope for him to wait patiently with us.

two days ago he was having a blast with carly in the yard, things change quickly for some of these guys and much too quickly for me.

i love that slobber-puss, the giant oaf with no brain...i don't know why i love him cuz he is icky and innocently stupid but i love him just the same.


Eva Stock

Hi Carol;

Just got to the Blog and I am now so worried about Jed. I pray he settles down and his temp goes away. Please keep us up to date. Thanks Eva. Hang in there and I recover from hardships rapidly so I will be back there by tomorrow. Oh gosh the doors and gates frighten me, I have been so scared when I drive past the school and see the door to the bunny room open and no cars there. Please everyone turn around and check gates and doors as you leave!! Eva


it is a group endeavor to a certain extent...i supply the place and all of us supply the means.


i am upstairs cooking dinner and thinking about saints and carol and all the animals there. and thinking i am so glad i read the post 14 months ago . there was an article about copper and it caught my eye and so i went up tosaints on their cleanup. i will never turn back. i may onl;y be able to come up to saints on the weekends but i love going up there. i am so glad that i got to meet bill, jazz, michael tally and all the ones who passed away. i cannot imagine never seeing copper. cleo , mugsy, who i just love. and all the other critters there they are a part of my life now and i would not go back for anything. i wish i could help more but i think that will come. i wish there were more people like carol but maybe that will come with time.anyways i will do the best i can with the time i have. thank god there are people like carol that really care. lynne


i think you love jed because he is sweet and pure and innocent. he is all the things we want in a dog. he does not have a mean bone in his body.he just wants to be loved and i am so glad y;ou were there for him carol.he is just a big goofy dog and so much loved. lynne