Rescue Journal

daylight building plan

Carol  ·  May 4, 2008

jed is better. so am i ...i had a beer out at the barn and watched lana brushing tunie. my dad used to say better burnt out than rusted out, i will just pretend this morning was a bad day. i am currently feeding m&m's to my friends while i type this with just one finger instead of two and am thinking about going grocery shopping. i was thinking i should buy some salad stuff, but maybe that is a bad idea.

helga is off her eggs and has joined the rest of the world...there were 10 under her yesterday and today there was only one. so who did god send to steal her eggs? we are thinking it is a thieving rat. but i wish i could have seen him sneak under her and roll back out and home again 9 times with an egg.

we finally put up a tarp to give helga, rusty, edwina and aurora some shade in the summer...i have to get moving with building them a porch, and one for the americats and a fenced area for the feeding station for the field, and the roof for the shavings bin...maybe my problem is i have been resting on my laurels for the past few months instead of planning the next building binge.

whatever..the daylight is not so bad today so i will quit whining for now.