Rescue Journal

quick tales at the end of a very long day.

Carol  ·  May 8, 2008

it was a busy day...simon, the last of the surviving feral domestic rabbits born on this place before we moved in, was finally captured. he has been lonely for a long time. his last friend was thumpers female partner who was dumped in the school yard with thumper more than a year ago. we caught thumper but she was killed by a car shortly after giving birth, none of the babes survived. anyway, simon has been alone since her death. lately we have been leaving the bunny room door open for him during the day and he has been hopping in and out, visiting the other rabbits. today , finally tammy was able to close the door before he could dart back out.

he is a white wild rabbit, he is not a pet set loose to fend for himself. he probably is not all that thrilled to be stuck in a cage. my plan is to get him neutered and to try to intergrate him into the largest bunny pen...if all goes well and he is happy to have friends again, then that will be a great thing. if he is not, we will have two choices...release him, keep feeding him and let him visit the bunnies as he chooses or build him a very large enclosed outdoor fingers are crossed that he opts for the first option and enjoys living with one of our current bunny groups.

apparently tyra once again got into the food cupboard...her newest trick is to actually punch holes with her teeth into unopened cans of dog food...she then somehow sucks the majority of the food out. she is going to cut off her tongue one day so i guess we have to move the canned food to somewhere else.

clyde was also raiding the lower cupboards, but he steals the human food...i have been picking up shredded melba toast boxes and wrappers since i got home from work.

jesse really had to go by the time i got home. i missed her supper time walk cuz all i had time to do was toss the barn guys in bed before i had to get back to work. anyway she held it but she was dancing by the time i got home. she is much happier now that she has had her walk and is already stretched out on the MP room couch.

mrs. p went home with tammy today. tammy is going to adopt her. i know she will be very happy in her new home and am glad she wasn't without one for very long. we have so few cat adoptions...folks just don't want to adopt 15-20 yr old cats. so many will finish their lives off here, but luckily not mrs. p.

sigh, i just finished mopping up all the pee and the poop and refilling all the food and water dishes...i am assuming they were quite bored here alone tonight and ate and drank everything in sight and then let it all out again cuz apparently that is something to do.

new incoming, if it survives, currently at the vets on IV"S (possibly poisoned) thx CAC for again going that extra mile!.... i am not sure if it is a he or a she...but i am hoping she is a female so i can say....saints welcomes...mother goose....but if she is a male, he can be father goose, which is ok too....cuz whatever, we might be getting a goose....if the poor thing survives. load of laundry, meds and bed...i have to be up by 6 am for work again....TGIF!!!!



So glad to hear Simon has FINALLY been caught and can now be neutered. I'm betting Eva will have him eating from the palm of her hand (and cuddling too) before too long!
Wishing for a smooth adjustment for Simon. Way to go, Eva and Carol!

Eva Stock

About Simon, the cute little guy has been coming to my house to see my bunnies too for a long time and I have been feeding him for years. It is going to be quite an adjustment for me having Simon in captivity at Saints. I hope he is able to adjust to indoor life easily. He has been outdoors and running free his whole life. Once he is neutered it will help him and I am hoping he will realize Spiffy and Puff (the two white bunnies) in the area where he is are related to him. That would be really cool. It will also be strange for the neighbours that like to see the bunnies not to see him anymore. It will also be a big relief not to worry daily that a bobcat or a coyote has gotten him. The bobcat was on this property a couple of weeks ago and a coyote walked across the yard this am While I was out feeding the birds, squirrels, chipmunks and ducks in the yard.Lots of wildlife! My cat and Simon used to follow each other in the yard, it was really cute. I hope Simon will love it there and never be lonely again. Eva