Rescue Journal

i hope it doesn't rain all weekend cuz i got stuff to do.

Carol  ·  May 9, 2008

i am glad this week is over, i am simply tired through and through.

lexi is beginning incontinence, she is leaking now. i guess i better get her urine checked and if clear, trial her on stebestrol. carly still leaks, but not as much as before so that is a good thing even if we can't control it completely, every little bit helps.

iky is being a shit disturber, she was really bugging buddy and raymond so i banished her to the kitchen and now she is staring at me thru the door. i got really mad at percy at bedtime cuz he thought if he kicked me first, i would not kick him out of gideon's stall. not likely, i pushed him right out of that barn backwards with my hands holding on to his ears...he didn't know he could move in reverse so quickly but he did and he better not ever try to kick me again either. he might be bigger and stronger but i turn into super angry woman who can move 800 pounds easily with just two hands when certain not very bright rebellious teenage cows think they can tell me to bugger off when they are in the midst of stealing someone elses food.
jesse was a goof ball, laura and i sat in there with her a bit tonight. she played with her toys and chew sticks and flopped her giant malamonster self on my lap. phoebe is being pretty good lately which really is a relief and clyde seems to be de-escalating a bit which is another relief. it is like watching that pressure gauge slide and hover into the red zone and slowly watching it slip into yellow....hopefully he keeps going down into green.

so i am tired, just laundry and meds left to do. i will piddle around with that while they piddle around doing their thing and then i will go looking for the mop!