Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  May 11, 2008

i made it til 2 am with one saints laundry load left to go in and then i quit and went to bed (my stuff is still patiently waiting)... so that particular plan was a resounding failure.....there is always at least one critical mistake (or a series of them) that causes a plan to fail....for me, this was trying to read in a tub of hot bubble water....i fell asleep.
i am not sure what was with the furry wedgies last night, maybe they were pissed cuz it took me so long to get to bed. but i woke up this morning immobilized by clyde, cuddles, pugsy, julie and boo. boo had the distinction of guarding my head which really is not fair because she is easy to irritate and i needed to get up. whack, whack, whack..." stay still you stupid, selfish human, quit rocking the bed!"

so now that i am up, i guess i should go and unload that 600 pounds of sucks that it is raining out and i should have done it last night and burned off a few more calories. never put off til this morning what you could have done last night and stayed dry. i really have to recite my favorite sayings more frequently, i am getting lazy and making the work harder again.

i think i caught up on all the medical chart sheets last night, holy crap there were alot of vet visits in the past month. i really hate all kinds of paperwork...i pretty much hate all paper in general...except books. and i bought a magazine yesterday at the grocery store...hahahah "Vanity Fair" had an article on bobby kennedy, i read the first half in the bath last night. so far it is several long pages about bobby's indecision to run for president and his waffling back and forth. the reporter is using alot of pages to get this across to the reader so i am pretty sure the actual events leading to his assassination will get get shoved into a paragraph or two cuz he will have run out of room. anyway, hopefully i will finish reading it tonight, if i don't fall asleep again cuz paper anything just tires me out.

oh and happy mother's day to all caregivers (human or otherwise) really should be called happy nuturer's day, that would be more fair.