Rescue Journal

dixie won the day

Carol  ·  May 14, 2008

dixie chick was SHIVERING out in the cat run this afternoon....enough is enough. we put all the dogs out, opened the doors and chased her right into my bedroom. at one point she ran right up the door AND trina trying to get back out into the cat run. my bedroom door is shut now, no dogs allowed, she currently is sleeping on my bed like she owns the freaking thing, god!!!!! she is such a STUPID cat. she is staying in there until she untwists herself, julie and sunny will sleep with her and help her to feel safe again. and i will once again be humble, avoiding eye contact or otherwise distressing the feral cat who has just taken over my bed.

what exactly is wrong with UNDER the bed? or the open crates in the corner? or the upper shelf in my closet with the very nice thick quilt? all those nice and PRIVATE places that feral cats are SUPPOSED to like?
save me from psycho bed stealing cats....they are an utter pain.

endeara is still in her bed, we lifted her out and changed all her hay but she is just relieving herself where she lays. sigh, she needs a bath...maybe tomorrow. she is however starting to make a mess, she keeps filling her water and food bowls with hay and shavings. i guess she has nothing better to do than to lay there and make any and all mess she can possibly think of, and all without moving too!...gee endeara, if you would just get up and move a little bit there is a whole xpen for you to destroy.



i got a good look in dixie's mouth up close when she was hissing at me at bedtime...her mouth is pink and clear, her teeth look good and she ate almost a full can of AD while i stood in my closet and watched her.
i think she just isolated herself outside too much since all her friends moved into my part of the house and i think it made her go weird(er).
i think she might be mentally and emotionally fragile and i have let her make all the wrong decisions.
i will make her do it my way for a bit and see how she does...last night makes it look like i might be on the right track with her. i hope so cuz she has been a very big worry for the past couple of months.