Rescue Journal

there was no calm before the storm today, just a whirling hurricane of animal things.

Carol  ·  May 16, 2008

the day started well with darla deciding to go for a swim...she can't swim worth crap and we almost had to go in and get her. but darla did make it safe to shore, we told her she was a good girl and we started for home. half a dozen steps later, she fell flat over onto her side and her heart stopped. i felt it and i waited and waited and waited and then a weak ka-thump, and another and she started to breathe. then her heart got stronger and returned to its normal crappy beat. her gums and tongue were pretty pale, but she did pinken up, she rested for a few minutes and then was good to go again. gee thx darla, that was fun.

i forgot the farm vet was coming to vaccinate and de-worm til we got the call that said she would be here in about half an hour. thank god, mo was here. so we finished off the barn real quick and then i grabbed angelina and renee. mo took the dogs to the bottom field and we tried to herd the sheep and carl back into the barn. i was doing pretty good as a herding dog but then the sheep broke and i was toast so mo had a go. she sucked almost as bad as i did so i finally went and got the dogs, and while they do not ever chase the sheep, they actually follow me around. so i walked towards the sheep and the dogs faithfully followed and the sheep and carl went into the barn ... all was good.

i held the sheep and the llama against the wall while they got their turn with the vet and then we went after the horses and goats and i held the goats to the wall too but the horses were good. percy was a bucking bronco so he was hard to do but we managed to get everyone done without injury which was amazing cuz i forgot i was wearing sandels which was stupid.

the chilliwack ladies sent a representative with the garage sales proceeds of just over $3000 WOW!!! that will pay off one of the vets so that was a real gift today.
endeara had her vet check, we can't fix her leg surgically, it is nerve damage from the gunshot wound..... sooooo....decision making time again. if the nerve is fully severed she will never rise again, but if it is only partially severed, it may regenerate over time. the current plan is to keep her clean and get her into a pool for a swim for a couple of hours, a couple of times a day. and we will wait to see what happens and hope for the very best and while we are waiting, we deal with a parapalegic duck.
sparkles came home from the vets on an IV.... she was very unhappy in there. the IV was plugged cuz her tubing was kinked so i removed it anyway. she is drinking ok but needs to be force fed. quite frankly, she is currently gorked. we will wait and see how far she recovers but for now she is happy to be home once again.

i haven't gotten the tarps hung but jed is doing ok with the big dogs. the air conditioners are all running and so are all of the fans. i didn't get to the dump run and will have to do that first thing in the morning. all in all for such a very busy day, it seems everything is least for now.



My heart almost stopped beating reading about Darla! I'm amazed that she recovered -- the old girl! She obviously wants to keep on living in this wonderful place...


$3000! Wow, great job, Chilliwack womyn! That's an awesome total for the proceeds of a yard sale. Very cool.


they have been talking about closing the school for the past few years, last year they decided that this year was the last. it is a shame, it is a great school.


Hi Carol - I hear the school next door to SAINTS is closing at the end of this term; don't know if you'd heard already.
Apparently the school board is not selling the property just yet but will be leasing it out - so far, a private daycare and a rehab program connected to the prison are interested in it. At least, that's what my sources tell me! LOL
Hopefully the change of tenants won't have any negative implications for SAINTS - and maybe some new opportunties, who knows?