Rescue Journal

i have to leave for work

Carol  ·  May 19, 2008

so just a quickie update on sparky...not good. that stroke has affected her facial nerves which includes her mouth. i tried everything this weekend from recovery to AD soup to baby pureed chicken to roasted chicken cut up small. she cannot eat on her own, she cannot get the food in there on her own, and once it is there she cannot keep it in without it falling back out. she is trying to chew the roast chicken, she wants it, but she can't. she needs to be syringe fed and she happens to hate it very much, mostly because it is invasive but also because it is frightening to have stuff even carefully syringed into the back of your mouth when your tongue does not work very well.
i will give her a couple of more days, but this is a quality of life issue. she needs to be able to eat when she wants to, and she needs to be able to enjoy it too.

putting a feeding tube directly into the stomach is not an option, she is 14 yrs old, has cushings and is a major risk for continued strokes while under anaesthetic or sometime in the near future would not be fair.


Eva Stock

So sorry about Sparky, wish we could do something but you have covered all options Carol. God bless the sweet little dog. Eva