Rescue Journal

i live with some very odd creatures, but one is odder than most.

Carol  ·  May 22, 2008

broken jaws, arthritic pig and cow legs, jewel's once again, out of control neck pain, and now lame sheep! is it any wonder i feel like screamimg?

so the first 3 on the pain list are not anyone's fault but the lame sheep can be directly pinned on carl. last month kissy was sore, yesterday it is annie, and today it is grammy's turn..cuz that bloody (neutered) llama insists on laying on top of them and massaging them with his front legs. he is just a weirdo but apparently he is an affectionate one. so i am looking for a homeless llama to literally get carl off the sheep's backs...maybe if he cuddles with someone his own size, he'll leave the little sheep alone. and if that doesn't solve the problem, when i segregate him at least he will have a llama friend.

so if anyone knows of a llama that wants to come and get spoiled at saints, drop us a line cuz the sheep and i all want carl to have some company of his very own kind to commune with in that wacko and weird llama way.



i sent them an email yesterday to see if they thought he might be a good match.


I told you about Trevor Linden at the Surrey SPCA. The two adult females and the newborn that were with Trevor have been placed with a Llama rescue, so Trevor is lonely. Carl might be just the answer to a lonely Llama's dreams.