Rescue Journal

dogs hate thunder

Carol  ·  May 24, 2008

there are not enough deaf dogs around here. we had a bit of a thunder storm while i was putting the barn guys to bed...the guys at the house (who could hear) were upset, they then upset the ones who can't hear cuz they could see something was up. the blind and deaf dogs didn't care unless the freak outs ran over them. even jesse ran for the back corner of the storage area, she knocked stuff over and then got trapped by an avalanche back there. i rescued her but i told rescue per dog...i saved her from the dump already so i shouldn't have to save her from entrappment by a pile of junk.

and i told the dogs, don't be you see the cows going nutz? are the goats all freaked out? no and they are not inside the house either. they aren't even worried enough to go into the open barn.... i said "be brave,".... like a goat for gawd's sake.

i am tying to shake a headache, not having much luck. if the thunder will just stay away now maybe the dogs will settle and so might my head.